Nortel BCM50 R6.0 Base System (NT9T6506BBNA)
BCM 50 Cabinets and Hardware

Nortel BCM50 R6.0 Base System (NT9T6506BBNA)

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Nortel BCM 50 R6.0 Main Unit (NT9T6506BBNA)

The BCM50 R6.0 Main Unit will provide users with the functions of call processing and simple data-networking. This BCM50 Main Unit comes equipped with the full set of standard and advanced IP telephony features that will reach the varied requirements of any business.


  • 4 analog trunks
  • 12 digital stations
  • 4 analog stations
  • 32 IP stations
  • 12 IP trunks
  • 4 connections for auxiliary equipment - auxiliary ringer, page relay, page output and a music source
  • 2 expansion units can be added to allow for an addition of one media bay module each
  • Provides 10 voicemail ports with 0 initial mailboxes - activation through keycodes (up to 1000) w/100 hours of storage
  • Provides four LAN ports - one is the OAM port for technicians, the other three are for basic LAN connectivity

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