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Nortel BCM 4.0 400 Base System 2 LAN Redundant (NT7B10AAFT)

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Nortel BCM 4.0 400 Base System 2 LAN Redundant (NT7B10AAFT)

The Nortel BCM 4.0 400 Base System 2 LAN Redundant comes equipped with the release 4.0 giving this device the ability to now offer the BCM400 platform with four bays for media bay modules. This addition added onto the device will help simplify configurations for users as well as eliminate the need for the Expansion Cabinet in some scenarios.


  • Redundant Additions:
    2 Redundant hot-swap-able power supplies
    2 cooling fans
    2 hard disks
    RAID controller card
  • Provides 4 bays for adding BCM Media Bay Modules
  • WAN Interface Card - Uses a T1 interface and sync port that connects the BCM system to the WAN
  • Performs call processing and media processing of the voice channels for the BCM system;
    also offers connections for auxiliary features, including external customer-supplied hardware for paging and music-on-hold
  • Modem Port - Provides PTSN dial-up access to the BCM system
  • COM Port - Provides a serial connection to a laptop for maintenance purposes
  • Ethernet Ports - Provides 2 ethernet ports for connection to internal and external networks

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