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Nortel BCM 200 3.7 Base System 2 LAN-Standard (NT7B10AAEH)

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Nortel BCM 200 3.7 Base System 2 LAN-Standard - (NT7B10AAEH)

The Nortel BCM 3.7 200 Base System 2 LAN-Standard is available on the BCM200 platform - this will then provide two bays for media bay modules for its users. This system will deliver all the other features the BCM 3.0 delivered with the same high-level of reliability and serviceability. This system is ideal for customers with 10 to 24 users per system who do not expect to grow past 32 users per system.


  • The BCM200 has a lower removable tray for improved serviceability of the platform in a lower-cost version
  • The BCM200 cannot be expanded using an Expansion Cabinet


  • System is initially configured 0x0 - By adding BCM key codes the main unit can be expanded to meet all of your phone needs
  • Multimedia Call Center
  • Voice messaging, message networking, fax messaging and unified messaging
  • Professional call center and reporting
  • Custom Call Routing (CRC)
  • Attendant console
  • Personal call manager and unified manager
  • IP Phone Support
  • Built-in Voicemail (requires activation)


  • 256 MS SDRAM
  • 20 GB hard drive
  • 2 10/100 Ethernet ports (on-board)
  • 2 PCI slots (one used by the Media Services Card and one for adding a WAN interface card)
  • 350 watt power supply

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