Norstar T7208 Digital Phone Charcoal (NT8B26AABA)
Nortel BCM 50 - 450

Norstar T7208 Digital Phone Charcoal (NT8B26AABA)

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Norstar T7208 Digital Phone Charcoal (NT8B26AABA)

The Nortel T7208 phone is a small set full-featured telephone that will provide users with an enhanced-level business telephone. The T7208 will support up to six lines and comes equipped with eight programmable memory buttons with an integrated LCD indicator.


  • Supports up to 6 Lines
  • 8 Programmable Button
  • Tilt Display
  • 16-Character LCD
  • Viewable Date, Time, and Call Information
  • Audio Control Center
  • Color Available: Charcoal, and Platinum
  • Includes Atlas 1-Year Warranty with Extended Warranty options available!


  • All Norstar and Business Communication Manager Systems


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