SL2100 Control Hardware

NEC SL2100 KSU and CPU Package (BE117448)

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NEC SL2100 KSU and CPU Package (BE117448)

The NEC SL2100 KSU and CPU Package includes the SL2100 Chassis and CPU Card. The 2100 Chassis is one common chassis used for the Controlling (Main) chassis or Expansion chassis. A maximum of three chassis (one controlling and two expansion chassis) can be connected by bus connection per system. Four chassis (one controlling and three expansion chassis) can be supported by IP connection to expand the system capacity.

The SL2100 KSU Chassis comes with 4 Universal slots and several built-in features.


  • Includes 1 SL2100 Chassis (BE116491) and 1 SL2100 CPU Card (BE116496)
  • 8 VoIP channels
  • 4 ports of InMail/VRS with 2 InMail storage hours
  • 4 Mobile Extension Clients
  • Telephony Resources – for DTMF, Dial Tone/Busy Tone detection, and FSK Caller ID receiver/sender
  • Tone Sender – for system tones and DTMF
  • Conference Resources
  • CPU Card contains connector for VoIP Daughter Board (VOIPDB), connector for Expansion Card (EXIFB), connector for SD card (for additional InMail storage)
  • 4 slots for station cards
  • Connector for external backup battery
  • Slide-in card slots allow for easy installation and maintenance
  • Wall mountable
  • Includes power supply and power cord
  • Includes Atlas 1-Year Warranty with Extended Warranty options available!


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