SL2100 Control Hardware

NEC SL2100 CPU Main Processor Card (BE116496)

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NEC SL2100 CPU Main Processor Card (BE116496) - IP7NA-CPU-C1

The SL2100 CPU Main Processor Card is installed into the CPU/EXIFE Slot in the Controlling Chassis and controls all the functions and operations of the SL2100 system using the system software loaded into the CPU-C1 memory. One CPU-C1 board must be installed in the Controlling Chassis. It includes the main system software, 8 VoIP channels built in, a 4 channel/2 hour voice mail, 4 mobile extension licenses and a connector for optional expansion cards.


  • Main System Software
  • 8-VoIP Channels Built-In (Expandable)
  • 4-Channel, 2-Hour InMail Voice Mail Built-In (Expandable)
  • 4 Mobile Extension Licenses
  • Connector for optional VoIP Expansion Daughter Board, EXIF Expansion Board, and InMail SD Expansion cards
  • Support for up to 108 Trunks and 128 Extensions
  • Includes one 100M Ethernet port (RJ45)
  • Includes Atlas 1-Year Warranty with Extended Warranty options available!

Manufacturer Codes

  • Model Name: IP7NA-CPU-C1
  • Part Number: BE116496


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