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NEC NEAX2400 PH-CK16 Phase Lock Oscillator Card (200428)

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NEC NEAX 2400 PH-CK16 Phase Lock Oscillator (200428)

The NEC NEAX 2400 PH-CK16 Phase Lock Oscillator sets up network synchronization when used together with a direct digital interface circuit card. With the PH-CK16 PLO, the 4 IMG system can be a clock subordinate office of the digital network. The PH-CK16 PLO can be redundant regardless of the system switching network selection.


  • MUSIC ROM on this card contains the hold tone
  • Provides interface for external hold tone source when external MoH is used
  • Can be used to set up network synchronization
  • One year warranty included, with extended warranties available!

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