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NEC NEAX2400 PA-16ELCN-C Electronic Line Card (8530203)

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NEC NEAX 2400 PA-16ELCN-C Electronic Line Card (8530203)

The NEC NEAX 2400 PA-16ELCN-C Electronic Line Card provides an interface between D-term and the system. The PA-16ELCN-C card can work in two modes depending on the switch settings. In 16 ELC mode, a maximum of 16 sets of voice-only D-terms can be connected to the card. However, in 8 DLC mode, simultaneous voice and data communication is enabled, but only for a maximum of 8 sets of D-terms connected.


  • Provides interface between D-term and system
  • Works in two modes:
  • (A) 16 ELC Mode: Maximum 16 sets of D-terms connected, voice communications only
  • (B) 8 DLC Mode: Maximum 8 sets of D-terms connected, simultaneous voice and data allowed
  • Includes Atlas 1-Year Warranty with Extended Warranty options available!

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