DSX-40/80/160 Control Equipment

NEC DSX 4-Port VoIP Gateway Daughter Board (1091044)

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NEC DSX 4-Port VoIP Gateway Daughter Board DX7NA-VOIPDB (1091044)

The NEX DSX VoIP Daughter Board will provide users with four IP gateway ports for their DSX system. The NEC DSX system requires installation of a VoIP Daughter Board (VOIPDB).


  • Provides 4 IP gateway ports - expandable options available through licensing
  • Allows 8 maximum VoIP gateway ports on DSX40; 16 maximum on DSX 80/160
  • Allows SIP Trunk, DSX VoIP Telephone, Standard SIP Telephone, Standard SIP Softphone, Standard SIP ATA
  • Only 1 VOIPDB can be installed per system
  • VOIPDB plugs into the DSX-40 motherboard.
  • VOIPDB plugs into the DSX-80/160 CPU card


  • DSX 40
  • DSX 80
  • DSX 160

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DSX-40 Installation Animation
DSX-80/160 Installation Animation
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