NEC Aspire 34 Button Super Display Speakerphone (0890049)

NEC Aspire 34 Button Super Display Speakerphone (0890049)

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NEC Aspire 34 button Super Display Speakerphone (0890049)

The NEC Aspire 34 button super display speakerphone comes equipped with the largest display out of the NEC 34 button line. This phone will also provide users with speakerphone capabilities, programmable buttons and fixed feature keys.


  • Display: 9 line: 24 character super display w/ 12 interactive keys
  • Programmable function keys: 24 (w/ dual LED's)
  • Fixed feature keys: 15
  • APA, ADA, APR, CTA, CTU, and Speakerphone Adapter compatible
  • Built-in wall mount bracket with adjustable legs (handset clip NOT included)

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