Mitel Superset 400 Series Digital Phones

Mitel SIM2 Module (9132-250-101)

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Mitel SIM2 Module (9132-250-101)

The Mitel SIM2 module connects a PKM12 or PKM48 to a Mitel telephone set. This module is only compatible with a Mitel Superset 4025 and Mitel Superset 4150.

The difference between a SIM1 and SIM2 is that the SIM1 does not have an analog line port


  • Provides connection for PKM12 or PKM48 to your Mitel Superset 4000 Series
  • Provides an Analog Line Port
  • Requires a Superset 4000 Universal Power Supply
  • Compatibility

    • Compatible with Mitel Superset 4025, 4025 Backlit, 4150 and 4150 Backlit

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