SX-200 Digital/Light Cards

Mitel Express Messenger Voicemail 6-Port (9109-080-009-NA)

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Mitel SX 200 ML & EL Express Messenger VM 6-Port with PMS - 9109-080-009-NA

The Mitel SX-200 ML & EL Express Messenger VM 6-Port supplies voicemail and auto attendant solution from small to medium-sized businesses. This allows for great integration with Mitel SX-200 PBX and superior performance via direct digital integration to the backplane.


  • Six ports
  • Easy-to-use navigation system for users
  • Message waiting indicators
  • Personal greetings for mailboxes
  • Record call support
  • Mailboxes are password protected
  • Messages may be unlimited length
  • Messages may be set to receive priority placement
  • Review messages and re-record before sending
  • Support for call forwarding

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