Mitel MiVoice 3300 System

Mitel 3300 Universal T1/E1 Network Service Unit (50004990)

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Mitel 3300 Universal T1/E1 Network Service Unit (50004990)

Mitel Network Services Units provide connectivity to digital trunks for public or private networks. The Universal NSU provides T1 or E1 connectivity and supports up to two T1 or E1 links per unit.


  • The T1 interfaces support T1 CAS - Digital E&M, Digital CO, Digital DID; T1 CCS - Primary Rate ISDN (4ESS, DMS 100, DMS 250, NI-2, NI-2-5ESS, NI-2-GTD5,IDA-P), XNET over PRI, QSIG, and MSDN/DPNSS
  • The E1 interfaces support QSIG, Euro ISDN, XNET over PRI, DASS II, and MSDN/DPNSS
  • The Universal NSU connects to a 3300 ICP Controller through a fiber optic cable
  • Includes Atlas 1-Year Warranty with Extended Warranty options available!

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