Mitel MiVoice 3300 System

Mitel 3300 R2 Network Service Unit (50004992)

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Mitel 3300 R2 Network Service Unit (50004992)

Mitel Network Service Units provide connectivity to digital trunks for public or private networks. R2 is a protocol converter that allows the R2 NSU to access an R2 National Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) using MF-R2 digital trunk signaling.


  • The R2 NSU supports the CCITT Blue Book, Volume VI, Fascicle VI.4, Specifications of Signaling System R2, Recommendations Q.440 to Q.490 (with the exception of EchoSuppression (Q.479), Test Calls (Q.490) and international signals
  • The R2 NSU connects to a 3300 ICP Controller through a fiber optic cable

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