Citel / MCK PBXgateways & EXTenders for Magix

MCK CITEL Magix PBX Gateway 8 Port (E-6000-SGM08)

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MCK CITEL Magix PBX Gateway 8 Port- E-6000G-SGM08, E-6000-SGM08

The MCK CITEL Magix PBX Gateway can be set to operate on IP transport or traditional circuit-switched and frame relay networks. Remote employees will be able to access all the same featured digital sets and corporate PBX functions like voicemail, call accounting systems, and unified messaging.


  • Remote users have access to full set of PBX/KTS features and functions
  • Circuit-based, and packet-based networks supported
  • Mix and match IP-capable EXTender clients
  • Connects to the digital line
  • Virtual configuration, management and troubleshooting of EXTender clients
  • Includes Atlas 1-Year Warranty with Extended Warranty options available!

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