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MCK CITEL Avaya Gateway II 24 Port (E-GWY2-SLM)

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MCK CITEL Avaya Gateway II 24 Port (E-GWY2-SLM)

The MCK CITEL Avaya Definity GATEWAY II (E-GWY2-SLM24, E-GWY2-SLM) 24 Port is MCK's most robust platform designed to support advanced business applications to be used by branch offices, call centers, home based call center agents and teleworkers. This new-generation gateway includes all of the features and functionality of the EXTender PBXgateway and more. The EXTender PBXgateway II is expandable in 24-user increments and terminates all of MCK’s client products.With MCK’s EXTender PBXgateway II, your remote workers can now enjoy all the features of the corporate voice system, enriched local calling and survivability. That’s because the EXTender PBXgateway II works over circuit- or packet-based networks and includes an optional T1/PRI/FR network interface card. The EXTender PBXgateway II can be configured to operate in either a managed IP network or a point-to-point synchronous WAN environment over traditional networks. In a traditional WAN environment, multiple MCK EXTender 7000 or 6000 for Branch Offices can be connected into a single EXTender PBXgateway II running serial RVP. The RVP relies on HDLC encapsulation over a serial port to transmit voice signals.


  • Extends the full set of PBX/KTS features to remote users, including when making local calls to/from the extended branch office location
  • Connects corporate users to remote local trunk lines for long-distance toll bypass purposes
  • Built-in network interface terminates up to two (2) T1, PRI or Frame Relay lines eliminating the need for external CSU or DSU **Optional
  • Supports circuit- and packet-based networks
  • Terminates any combination of MCK EXTender clients
  • Connects to the digital line side of leading voice systems
  • Virtual configuration, management and troubleshooting of MCK EXTender clients from a central location
  • One Year Warranty

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