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LifeSize HD Audio Conference Unit LFZ-021 (2nd Gen)(1000-0000-0592)

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LifeSize HD Audio Conference Unit LFZ-021 (2nd Gen)(1000-0000-0592)

The LifeSize Phone 2nd Gen HD Audio Conferencing Unit serves as the command center for audio, web and video conferencing via the LifeSize Icon conference room system paired with the LifeSize Cloud. With a large, intuitive touchscreen display, the 2nd Generation LifeSize Phone makes all of the essential conferencing functions readily available at your fingertips. Also included in the device is a powerful rare-earth magnet loudspeaker driver and a large, acoustically suspended speaker enclosure to ensure optimal audio output. Additionally, the four orthogonally placed microphones are directed towards the location of the talker with a beam-forming algorithm for greater voice pickup, reduced ambient noise, and allowing for a greater pickup range of up to 15 feet. Other advanced audio features such as acoustic echo cancellation, adaptive jitter buffers, and packet-loss concealment make the 2nd Generation LifeSize Phone easily one of the most advanced conferencing systems available on the market.


  • Powerful rare-earth magnet loudspeaker driver
  • 90Hz to 22kHz frequency response for deep voice reproduction without hiss
  • Four orthogonally placed low-noise microphones
  • Beam-forming algorithm steers microphones to location of talker
  • Voice pickup range up to 15 feet
  • Acoustic echo cancellation
  • Microphone background noise suppression
  • Voice activity detector
  • Microphone automatic gain control
  • Adaptive jitter buffers and packet-loss concealment
  • Capacitive multi-touch 5 inch display
  • Includes RJ-45 cable for Lifesize 220 video systems
  • Optional LifeSize Link connection to LifeSize Icon for power and signaling
  • One year warranty included, with extended warranties available!


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