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LifeSize Phone 1st Gen HD Audio Conferencing Unit (1000-0000-0101)

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LifeSize Phone 1st Gen HD Audio Conferencing Unit (1000-0000-0101)

The LifeSize Phone 1st Gen HD Audio Conferencing Unit is the elite audio conference phone with revolutionary quality in input and output audio. This unit is powered by 16 always-on, omnidirectional microphones to expand the coverage so everyone can be heard. Additionally, the LifeSize Phone offers super wide-band audio up to 16 kHz for highly intelligible conferencing, lowers distortion and ambient noise by up to 10 times of other conference phones, and has a intuitive, simple to use keypad and display. Furthermore, it has an elegant tabletop design and does not require an additional subwoofer or microphone pods.


  • High definition audio conferencing phone
  • Three-way audio conferencing capability
  • 16 kHz super wide-band audio increases clarity and intelligibility
  • 2X the directivity and 2X the room coverage over market leading phones
  • VoIP audio conference phone and integration with Enterprise-class SIP and H.323 IP PBXs
  • Use stand alone or with LifeSize video systems
  • Innovative circular microphone array with 16 always-on microphones and beam forming for maximum pickup
  • One year warranty included, with extended warranties available!

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