Mitel / Inter-Tel 5000 Modules

Inter-Tel/Mitel 5000 Main Cabinet (580.1000)

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IP Main Cabinet/Base Server ONLY (580.1000)

The Inter-Tel/ Mitel 5000 Main Cabinet will provide users the base cabinet for Inter-tel CS-5000/5200. This cabinet is the chassis CS controller from the Inter-Tel 5000 Network Communications Family.

Three expansion bays built in the cabinet allow support for up to six T1, T1/PRI, or E1/PRI spans. The addition of one or two Digital Expansion Interface (DEI) units to this cabinet will add digital capability to the Inter-Tel 5000 platform and provide the same call processing functionality available to IP endpoints.


  • LCD Panel
  • USB-A and USB-B
  • Key Compact
  • Flash
  • 3 Expansion Bay Slots
  • Adds digital capability and call processing functionality to IP endpoints with the addition of one or two DEI units
  • MOH - One optional external music source for the Music-On-Hold feature


  • Electrical Ratings: 100-240V 60/50 Hz 2A
  • Ringer Equivalence: 0.0B
  • REV: BP

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