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Avaya Definity 8520T ISDN BRI Phone (3116-001)

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Definity 8520T ISDN BRI Voice Terminal (3116-001)

The Avaya 8520T ISDN BRI (Basis Rate Interface) Voice Terminal is an all around, multi-purpose, mid-range product intended to provide a full array of features for the very active telephone user or busy manager allowing quick and easy access to switch and personal features. This terminal is ideal for the majority of staff workers, lower through top level managers, for conference rooms, small office/home office environments and wall mounted applications (with optional wall mount) where displays are necessary. The terminal is designed with the future in mind, with a modular processor interface to allow for the addition of feature access boards for data, video and other (as yet undefined) functions which make this terminal a true application platform.

The Avaya 8520T ISDN Voice Terminal delivers market driven styling with a hearing aid compatible K-type handset, rubber dome buttons and a plug-in ROM board that allows for conformity with evolving standards and international transmission requirements.


  • Twenty buttons for call appearances (each with a red and green LED) that may also be administered as switch feature buttons
  • Nine fixed feature buttons (Hold, Transfer, Conference, Drop, Redial, Speaker, Mute, Volume, and Exit)
  • A red message waiting LED, a built-in speakerphone which can be optioned as a monitor only or completely disabled
  • A plug-in ROM Board
  • Adjunct jack for the Digital and Analog SoundPoint Speakerphone Modules
  • 500A Headset Adapter
  • A super-twist 2x24 liquid crystal display (LCD) with four control keys and four soft keys.
  • Soft keys offer a local directory of up to 30 names and numbers, incoming and outgoing call logs, display contrast adjustment, ringer pattern selection, self-test, clock setting, and a 3-digit password lock.
  • Power provided by an Auxiliary Power Supply
  • Includes Atlas 1-Year Warranty with Extended Warranty options available!

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