Definity 8400/8500 Series Digital and ISDN Phones

Avaya Definity 8510T ISDN BRI Phone (3117-001)

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Definity 8510T ISDN BRI Voice Terminal (107538464)

Lucent Technologies’ ISDN 8510T Terminal gives you the best of all worlds: rich voice features, extensive data capabilities, and unprecedented opportunities for customization. The 8510T voice terminal offers 10 call appearances, Mute, Redial, Conference, Drop, Transfer, and Hold buttons, a Speakerphone which can also be optioned as a listen-only Speaker, a Volume control, and an Adjunct jack for adjunct equipment, all that you will need for easy and efficient call-handling. These Lucent ISDN terminals make voice and data communications work for you, your department, and your company. There's no easier or more practical way to bring the benefits of ISDN to you. These phones are the perfect complement to your ISDN Centrex system for any size business with multiple telephone lines, including call centers. The 8510T is perfect for home offices that need an all-purpose phone to provide reliable voice and data communications While the 8520T and the 8528T are ideal advanced phones for individuals in your office who handle incoming and outgoing calls as well as larger call center.


  • Easy-to-customize, interactive soft-keys that allow you to create, access and control your own personal directories and call logs - and to program a wide variety of set features.
  • Adaptive speakerphone that automatically adjusts for optimal performance in both noisy and quiet environments
  • An LCD display that can easily be seen from a wide range of viewing angles
  • A “lock” feature to protect your privacy
  • Power: Approximately 1.5 watts at 40 – 48 volts DC from a UL1 listed communications circuit power source.
  • Includes Atlas 1-Year Warranty with Extended Warranty options available!

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