Cisco SPA500 Series IP Phones

Cisco SPA500S Expansion Module (SPA500S)

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Cisco SPA500S Expansion Module

The Cisco SPA500S Expansion Module is part of the Cisco Small Business Pro Series and designed for use with the Cisco SPA500 Series IP Phones. It is an ideal solution for small businesses wanting to simplify incoming call handling by quickly directing calls to the requested party and monitor line status from a central location.


  • 32 programmable multicolored LED buttons
  • Illuminated line status monitoring (green for idle, red for in use, blinking red for ringing, orange for registration error)
  • Call transfer, speed dial, call pickup, one-touch transfer
  • Two attendant consoles can be linked for a total of 64 buttons
  • One Year Warranty


  • Compatible with all Cisco SPA500 series IP telephones

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