Bogen PCM-CPU Central Processing Module

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Bogen PCM-CPU Central Processing Module

The Bogen PCM-CPU Central Processing Module is designed for the PCM-2000 system. The PCM-CPU is required for any configuration of a PCM-2000 system. It can control up to a 9 zone system. It includes DIP switches for station ID and a program/run switch for programming switches.

System Features

  • Simultaneous high- &low-power paging
  • Zone and zone group paging
  • Built-in talkback amplification
  • Background music assigned perzone
  • Local BGM sourcingcapability
  • Night ringer zonegroup
  • Emergency zone group withchoice of built-in tones or outside tone source
  • Emergency all-facility pageoverride
  • Eight daily time-triggered signaling events
  • Pattern & echo codecalling
  • Includes Atlas 1-Year Warranty with Extended Warranty options available!

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