IP500 V2 Control Unit and Base Cards

Avaya IP500 ETR 6 V2 Base Card (700476039)

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Avaya IP500 V2 ETR 6 Base Card (700476039)

The Avaya IP500 V2 ETR 6 Base Card has six ETR ports which allows support for Partner Eurosyle, Eurostyle 2, and 3900 series.


  • ETR ports: 6
  • IP500 daughter card can add up to 4 additional ports
  • Up to three cards per IP500 Control unit
  • Includes Atlas 1-Year Warranty with Extended Warranty options available!


  • IP500 V2 control unit running IP Office Partner Edition and IP Office Basic
  • Eurostyle, Eurostyle 2 phones
  • Wireless Avaya 3910 and 3920
  • Note: Maximum 2 Partner 34D/34D S2 per ETR 6; maximum 4 Partner 34D/34D S2 per IP500V2 system

Package Includes

  • Avaya IP500 V2 ETR 6 Base Card

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