IP500 V2 Control Unit and Base Cards

Avaya IP500 4-Port External Expansion Card (700472889)

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Avaya IP500 4-Port Expansion (700472889)

The IP500 4-Port Expansion Card expands the built-in 8 expansion ports on your Avaya IP500 control unit to a total of 12 (Install this card to give your IP500 system four more expansion module ports). This will allow customers who want to migrate their Norstar or BCM systems to an IP Office to retain their investment in their phones.


  • 4 RJ-45 Expansion Ports Provides 4 additional expansion ports for connection of external expansion modules.
  • Used in large configurations where the first expansion ports on the back of the IP500 control unit are in use.
  • Maximum - 1 per IP500 control unit
  • Includes 4 two meter yellow cables for connection of the external expansion modules
  • Includes Atlas 1-Year Warranty with Extended Warranty options available!


  • Compatible with IP500 and IP500 V2 control unit

Package Includes

  • Avaya IP500 4-Port Expansion

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