G430/G450 Media Gateway Components

Avaya G430 MP120 Media Gateway (700469273, 700476393)

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Avaya G430 Media Gateway with MP120 (700469273)

The Avaya G430 Media Gateway consists of a 1.5U high, 19-inch rack-mountable chassis with DSP resources and memory. It has three Media Module slots that host a combination of interface boards to support T1/E1, ISDN-BRI, digital or analog telephones, and analog trunks.

For expansion, up to two 1.5U high EM200 expansion modules can be added to a G430, with two expansion slots each, providing a potential total of seven Media Module slots. The first Media Module slot can also host an S8300 Server to provide integrated IP Telephony for standalone businesses or mission-critical survivability for branch office-deployed G430s.


  • G430 Media Gateway with MP120 Processor Card
  • Busy Hour Call Completions: 2400
  • Touch Tone Receivers: 32
  • Announcement Port: 15 Playback; 1 Record
  • Announcement and MOH Storage: 45 Minutes/ 4 hours with a memory upgrade kit
  • Maximum DCP/Analog endpoints: 152
  • Maximum IP Telephones with S8300 Server: 1000
  • Maximum BRI Telephones: 112
  • Maximum BRI Trunks: 56
  • Maximum PSTN Trunks: 96 T1 and 96 E1 (limited by DSP resources)
  • Maximum G430s per External Avaya Server: 250
  • Maximum G430s per S8300 Server: 50
  • Includes Atlas 1-Year Warranty with Extended Warranty options available!

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