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Avaya Definity TN539B ACCE (TN539B)

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Avaya Definity TN539B ACCE (TN539B)

The Avaya Definity TN539B ACCE circuit pack will deliver users with four DCP channels and two RS-232 channels. The TN539B replaces the TN366, TN366B or TN539 circuit pack. This pack will provide all functionally of the previous networking boards as well as loopback testing capabilities.


  • TN539B ACCE (TN539B)
  • Multi-staging dialing
  • DCP Mode 1 (56Kbps) interface
  • RS-232 Interface
  • Includes Atlas 1-Year Warranty with Extended Warranty options available!


  • Avaya Definity phone system

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