Avaya 1416 Digital Phone Text Edition (700469869)
Avaya 1400 Digital Phones

Avaya 1416 Digital Phone Text Edition (700469869)

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Avaya 1416 Digital Phone - Text Edition - 700469869

Avaya New Product Information: Avaya has announced the 1416 Phone will be a Global edition beginning in 2014 however the version you are currently viewing is the English text version. The global edition can be purchased within the 1400 series section as well and reflects the use of ICON keys. These keys have the English text removed from the buttons located on the faceplate. Icons are used to communicate universal features including menu, speakerphone, hold, mute, and message.

The Avaya 1416 Digital Telephone is recommended for navigator type users. People who transfer customers, answer incoming calls and monitor several lines throughout the day. Managers, Receptionists, and Assistants are good examples. The Avaya 1416 delivers the most one- touchline, features, and speed-dial buttons without the need to scroll.


  • 4 Lines by 24 Character Display
  • White Backlit: Creates for better viewing in any lighting condition
  • Interface: Context sensitive with four-way navigation cluster
  • Applications: Large capacity contacts and call log that enhances productivity and allows for personalization
  • Headset support: Wired and wireless through the integrated headset jack
  • High-quality speakerphone
  • Includes commonly fixed feature keys for telephone tasks
  • Red and Green LEDs; provided on each button providing explicit status for the user
  • 16 administrative feature buttons supported
  • Supports 32-button expansion module
  • Includes Atlas 1-Year Warranty with Extended Warranty options available!


  • Codecs: G711
  • Call Control Protocol: DCP
  • 2-Wired Line Interface
  • 2-Way Speakerphone
  • Button Module 32 Support
  • 16 Administrative Buttons
  • Three Contextual Soft Key Buttons
  • Message Waiting Indicator
  • Navigation Cluster
  • Permanently-labeled Feature Buttons
    • Headset, Phone, Call Log, Contacts, Voicemail
      Message, Speaker, Mute, Volume, Avaya Menu, Hold,
      Conference, Transfer, Drop, Redial
  • 4x14 Chinese Characters
  • 4 Rows x 26 Characters
  • Graphic Display: 181x56 Pixels
  • Wall mountable
  • Dual Position Flip Stand
  • 9-Foot Handset Cord
  • Color: Black


  • IP Office R6.0 or later
  • Integral Enterprise E07, IEE2 or later
  • Avaya Aura Communication Manager 5.2.1 or Later


Package Includes

  • Avaya Handset
  • Handset Cord
  • Line Cord
  • Unit Stand

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