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Aastra M5316 Digital Phone (NT4X42)

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M5316 Digital Centrex Terminal (NT4X42)

The Aastra M5316 offers your business enterprise a wide variety of features and functions. Includes a built in call timer and programmable lines/keys. Includes a large keypad, visual ringing indication, speaker allows for on-hook dialing and voicemail.


  • Display: LCD 2 Line x 24 characters
  • Programmable line/keys: 13
  • Handsfree capability
  • Large keypad buttons
  • Hearing aid compatible
  • Visual ringing indication
  • Built-in Call Timer to monitor calls
  • Speaker allows for on-hook dialing and voice mail
  • 16 Volt Power Supply Included
  • Supports Nortel M522 Module


  • Nortel Meridian Digital Centrex Systems


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