Refurbished Conditions

We have expert technicians that test, repair, and refurbish many different products and brands of business telecom. Before your phone is shipped out, it is tested again and professionally packaged with new button packs, designations strips, handset cord, and line cord. Learn more about our refurbished phone conditions below!

Like New

Our main product condition which we've become known and respected for in the industry, the Like New refurbished phone sets us apart from our competitors. Quality is the number one priority for our refurbished units. Once the units arrive to us, they are broadly inspected to weed out any serious cosmetic flaws before going off to testing. After undergoing strict and thorough testing to ensure the units are functioning as expected, our products receive their second cosmetic inspection to make sure they are capable of meeting our standards. After being exhaustively cleaned and having minor parts replaced, the products will undergo their final inspection for aesthetic quality. The final inspection makes sure that all phones pass the following checklist:

  • Products have passed first and second inspections, have been cleaned, repaired (if applicable) and tested to function and look like new.
  • No prominent cosmetic imperfections when held 12 inches away.
  • No gouges permissible on the display.
  • No cracks or chips in the product's plastic casing.
  • All markings on the surface of the product are intact (e.g. no missing letters of the expected brand).

Factory New Casing

Here at, we sell many models of phones which have been discontinued from production. With some of these older models, it becomes more and more difficult to meet our strict refurbishing quality standards. Therefore, we offer a unique condition to our customers. Our Factory New Casing phones have all exterior plastic and wearable parts replaced by brand new pieces through our 10-Point Process. In effect, the customer is receiving a new phone with only some of the interior electronics having been used before. After replacement, the units are fully tested and certified with our 1-Year Atlas Phones Guarantee.

10-Point Replacement Process

  1. Body of the unit (plastic casing) and buttons are fully replaced with brand new casing and buttons
  2. LCD display is replaced if need be along with a new glass display cover.
  3. Speaker for speaker phone is fully tested for clarity to ensure new phone quality and replaced if needed.
  4. Internal wearable components are replaced with new including but not limited to power boards, flash chips, and hard drives on voicemails.
  5. Firmware and associated programming are defaulted to factory settings.
  6. New handset is included with each phone along with a new line or IP cord and handset cord.
  7. New literature pack and/or user guide and designation strips included with applicable models.
  8. Three trained quality control inspectors verify like new quality and completeness.
  9. Individually boxed in a brand new professional box with the use of airbags and plastic wrap for protection along with corresponding product label affixed to the outside.
  10. All orders of 2 or more phones are shipped in an additional external box to protect the products' integrity and safety.

Grade B

Many customers shop with us looking to replace a unit of theirs that no longer works and simply need a stopgap until they're able to replace their entire system. Others are looking for a phone for back offices, warehouses, garages, or simply don't require showroom quality. For these customers, we offer our Grade B refurbished phones on specific models at very affordable price points. These are fully refurbished phones. As such, they are 100% complete, thoroughly cleaned, fully functional, and carry our 1-Year Guarantee. However, they will have certain cosmetic imperfections that preclude them from being considered A-Stock quality. Examples of these imperfections may include:

  • Yellowed keys and/or outer plastic
  • Slight blemishes on display and bezel surrounding the display
  • Chipped plastic and/or missing doors on system control and expansion units
  • Scratched display screens
  • Faded key and/or logo graphics


All of our refurbished phones, regardless of quality, are packaged tightly and securely to ensure safe travel to their destination. Each phone is individually boxed in a brand new professional box with the use of airbags and plastic wrap for protection along with corresponding product label affixed to the outside for identification. Additionally, all orders of two or more phones are shipped in an external box to protect the products' integrity. Sealed and Labeled Boxes:

Our boxes include airbags to secure the safety of all our products.