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NEC Univerge SV8500 SCA-24PRIA MG-1.5M Card (8526008)

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NEC Univerge SV8500 SCA-24PRIA MG-1.5M Card (8526008)

The NEC Univerge SV8500 SCA-24PRIA MG-1.5M Card is a media gateway between ISDN network and IP network to provide a Primary Rate Interface (T1) through interaction with the Telephony Server. The SCA-24PRIA MG-1.5M card can work in either SIP mode or Proprietary Protocol mode. When in SIP mode, the controlling signal between the server and MG-1.5M adopts Session Initiation Protocol (SIP). Therefore, controlling signal and voice packets are encrypted to ensure security.


  • Provides efficient network through interaction with Telephony Server
  • Can operate in two modes:
  • (A) SIP Mode: SP-PHI in MPH of server handles control signal to MG-1.5M via TCP/IP port
  • (B) Proprietary Protocol Mode: Internal PHI-PRI controls signaling data via TCP/IP port
  • Includes Atlas 1-Year Warranty with Extended Warranty options available!

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