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Toshiba IP5131-SDL Gigabit IP Phone

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Toshiba IP5131-SDL Gigabit IP Phone

The Toshiba IP5131-SDL digital telephone with a large, backlit LCD display has an easy-to-read screen, one-touch programmable buttons, and ergonomic design for comfort and easy-to-read feature buttons.


  • 20 Programmable Buttons
  • 9-Line x 24-Character LCD display
  • Backlit display model
  • Full Duplex Speakerphone
  • Headset I/F
  • Additional analogue line into handset
  • Ringing LED
  • Built-in Gigabit Ethernet switch 10/100/1000 Mbps switch for connection to LAN and collocated PC
  • Powered via Power over Ethernet (802.3 af) or by PoE injector (sold separately)
  • Can also be powered by LADP2000-3A auxiliary power supply (not included)


  • The Toshiba IP5131-SDL is compatible with Toshiba CIX systems running Release 5.2 or higher software
  • Uses 1 channel on MIPU or LIPU/LIPS (Strata CIX100/200/670)
  • Uses 1 channel on GIPU8, MIPU, or GIPH (Strata CIX40)
  • Requires IP Endpoint License (not included)

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