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NEC SL1100 InMail Compact Flash Card Small (1100112)

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NEC SL1100 InMail Compact Flash Card - Small (1100112) - IP4WW-CFVMS-C1

The SL1100 CFVMS Voice Mail Compact Flash Card is mounted in the Voice Mail Daughter Board on the CPU card of the main KSU and supports 2 InMail channels. It can store approximately 15 hours of voice mail.


  • Install into the VMDB mounted on the CPU card at Main KSU
  • CFVMS: VRS and 2-channel InMail (Approx. 15 hours)
  • Expandable to a maximum of 16 InMail ports with optional 2-port licenses.
  • Provides 112 Subscriber Mailboxes, 32 Routing Mailboxes, and 32 Group Mailboxes with 16 Virtual Extensions
  • Provides storage for up to 100 VMS (Voice Response System) system messages, which can be used as General Messages or a Preamble for the receptionist
  • 2 minute maximum duration per message
  • Includes Atlas 1-Year Warranty with Extended Warranty options available!

Manufacturer Codes

  • Model Name: IP4WW-CFVMS-C1
  • Part Number: 1100112

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