SIP-DECT Base Stations

Aastra RFP 36 IP DECT Basestation (68635)

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Mitel-Aastra RFP 36 IP SIP-DECT Outdoor Base Station (68635)

The Aastra RFP 36 is an IP SIP-DECT base station will allow users to connect directly to the LAN like a VoIP device. This device ensures full compatibility with cordless DECT terminals. The RFP 36 IP uses built-in dipole antennas, this allows users the mobility of use to their outside areas.


  • All 120 DECT channels supported for maximum use of the DECT capacity
  • 8 simultaneous voice channels per RFP, 4 additional channels for switching purposes
  • GAP standard supported
  • DSAA authentication between base and handset
  • Integrated dipole DECT antenna
  • Wall mountable


  • Connection via RJ 45
  • Connection via Ethernet 100/1000 BaseT
  • VoIP connection using RTP/RTCP protocol
  • Power Supply: PoE IEEE 802.3af

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