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Partner II 4.1 Processor Avaya

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Avaya Partner II 4.1 Processor

The Avaya Partner II 4.1 Processor allows you to use the intercom, transfer calls, place people on hold and even has a music port for music on hold capabilities.


  • All Features of a 3.1 plus: Call park, Call coverage, Call waiting, Pool line assignments
  • Maximum System Capacity: 16 Lines x 48 Stations, 24 Lines and 24 Stations
  • Auto Attendant Extensions
  • Auto System Answer
  • Caller ID Name and Number
  • Direct Extension Dialing
  • Group Call Distribution
  • Background Music
  • Simultaneous page - Transfer return rings
  • System speed dial (100) MOH port and paging port built-in


  • Compatible with all Partner phones
  • Compatible with Partner Mail VS Series Voice Mails and Partner Mail
  • Compatible with all Partner 200, 206, and 500 modules

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