Norstar Doorphone / Controller / Conferencing

Norstar Digital Doorphone Stainless Steel (NT8B79FDE6)

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Norstar-BCM Nortel Door Phone (NT8B79FDE6)

The Norstar Nortel Door Phone is a door phone that will provide users with an enhanced office environment by enabling office personnel to talk directly with visitors prior to them entering your business.


  • Allows two-way conversation between Norstar phone and Doorphone
  • Can add optional Door Opening Controller (DOC), controlled by pressing a soft key
  • Available in brass or stainless steel, waterproof faceplates
  • Installed and programmed like any Norstar phone
  • Up to four Doorphones can be accommodated on one Norstar or BCM system
  • Other part numbers utilized: NT8B79FA

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