NEC UX5000

NEC UX5000 IP3WW-60D 60-Button DSS Console (0910094)

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NEC UX5000 IP3WW-60D 60-Button DSS Console (0910094)

The IP3WW-60D DSS console will provide users up to 60 programmable keys with LED light indicators. This DSS console will attach and connect directly to either an NEC IP-CTS, IPe or DGe telephones.


  • 60 Programmable Keys
  • When used with an IP phone: Attaches and connects directly to the IP Phone and requires an AC Adapter, sold separately (see accessories tab above
  • When used with a digital phone: Attaches to the terminal or a DLS, but connects to a separate digital station port and does not require an AD adapter.


  • IP-CTS and IPe telephones
  • DGe digital telephones

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