Merlin Messaging Release 2.5

Avaya Merlin Messaging Release 2.5 - 10 Port (617C49)

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Merlin Messaging Release 2.5 -10 Port (617C49)


  • 200 Mailboxes with 6000 Minutes (100 Hours) of Storage
  • Configure up to 200 subscribers with up to 100 hours of total storage
  • 10-Ports - Expandable to 12-Ports
  • Easy Administration
  • Automated Attendant Service - Provides 4 Automated Attendants which answer incoming lines and present callers with a list of options
  • Multilingual Support
  • Voice Mail Service - Allows subscribers to record and send messages, forward and reply to messages, listen to messages, return calls to internal callers
  • Call Answer Service
  • Delay Announcement Service (DAS) - Provides recorded delay announcements for callers when calls are in queue for selected DGC groups
  • Mailbox Management Made Simple
  • Clamshell required for Merlin Legend Systems or Merlin Magix Systems with plastic Basic Control Unit or plastic Merlin Legend Expansion Unit
  • Clamshell not required for Merlin Magix Systems with metal Merlin Magix Basic Carrier or metal Merlin Magix Expansion


  • The Merlin Messaging R2.5 is compatible with all releases of Merlin Magix and Merlin Legend Release 7.0

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