Merlin Magix Control Units, Carriers, and Processors

Avaya Merlin Magix Release 3.0 Control Unit (MMR3CU)

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Merlin Magix Release 3.0 Control Unit

The Merlin Magix Release 3.0 Control Unit has the programming and circuitry that manages your activity of your telephone systems.


  • Manages the switching activities of your telephone systems
  • Over 150 features built-in to streamline your communications
  • Application support
  • Connection for model or Socket Magix to use WinSPM administration software (RJ45)
  • PC Card slot
  • Connect to a serial printer via Station Message Detail Recording (SMDR) Port
  • Includes Atlas 1-Year Warranty with Extended Warranty options available!


  • Merlin Messaging Release 1-4
  • Intunity Audix solutions
  • Expansion Modules - 800 GS/LS ID, 412 TDL, 024 TDL, 100 DS1, 100 DCD, 100R INA, 008 MLX, 408 GS/LS MLX ID, 016 MLX, 400 E&M, 800 BRI, 800 DID, 016 Tip/Ring, 016 ETR
  • Legend MLX, Magix 4400, Partner ETR (MLX, Eurostyle, Eurostyle Series 2), TransTalk Digital Wireless, single line sets

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