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Konftel 55W Conference Phone (910101072)

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Konftel 55W Conference Phone (910101072)

The Konftel 55W is easy to use, compact conference phone. It is designed to connect all of your communication equipment including computers, mobile phones/tablets, and desktop phones. You can combine and switch connections easily on the LCD screen smart user interface. The 55W lets you record calls or dictations and you can move the memory card to your computer to save or share the audio files.


  • Flexible connectivity: USB for VoIP calls, desk phones with optional desk phone adapters, cellular phone/tablets, headsets, and Bluetooth
  • OmniSound - superior sound quality
  • Range up to 3m
  • Expandable with external microphones
  • Rechargeable battery
  • LCD high-resolution color display
  • Switch and combine connections through the LCD display
  • Ability to record on an SD memory card
  • Future proof (can be upgraded)

Package Includes
  • Konftel 55W unit
  • 6 m power cable
  • AC adapter
  • Battery
  • USB cable

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