IP500 External Expansion Modules

Avaya IP500 Digital Station 30B2 Expansion Module (700511094)

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Avaya IP500 Digital Station 30B2 (700511094)

The IP500 Digital Station 30B2 will provide 30 additional digital station ports for your Avaya IP Office version 10.1. The 30B2 has a refreshed hardware circuitry when compared to the original IP500 digital station 30.


  • Provides an additional 30 digital station ports for digital telephones
  • The module can support either DS ports or TCM ports, but not both simultaneously
  • Refreshed hardware circuitry


  • Compatible with any version of IPO 10.1
  • Compatible with IPO 9.1 Service Pack 12 or higher
  • Compatible with IPO 10.1 Service Pack 5 or higher
  • Not compatible with any version of IPO prior to 9.1
  • DS ports support Avaya 1400, 3800 and 9500 series telephones
  • TCM ports support Avaya/Nortel M7000 and T7000 series telephones
Package Includes
  • IP500 External Expansion Module
  • Power supply and power cord
  • Blue expansion interconnect cable

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