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Avaya Definity 26C1 DXS Selector Console (26C1-C-323)

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Definity Avaya 26C1 Selector Console (DXS)

The Avaya 26C1 Selector Console (DSX) is used with the 302D Attendant Console and has 20 hundred group buttons and 100 ten group buttons.


  • Used with Definity 302D Attendant Console
  • 20 Hundreds group buttons
  • 100 Tens group buttons
  • Each Hundreds group button is assigned the first digit or first two digits of each group of 100 extensions (room) numbers. The Ten group buttons are automatically assigned a ten-and-one digit. The buttons can be used for 3-digit or 4-digit extensions.
  • Visual indication of the busy or idle status
  • Includes Atlas 1-Year Warranty with Extended Warranty options available!

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