Citel / MCK 1000-4100 Series PBXgateways & EXTenders

MCK CITEL Norstar/Nortel/Meridian 1000 PBX Gateway (E-1000U-RNM)

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MCK CITEL Norstar/Nortel/Meridian 1000 PBX Gateway - E-1000U-RNM

The MCK CITEL Norstar/Nortel/Meridian PBX Gateway allows teleworkers to seamlessly use features and functions from the corporate office. This unit is a good fit for enterprises managing remote workers who lack a broadband Internet connection. The PBX Gateway is an affordable solution that is easy to set up while saving on infrastructure cost.


  • Remote client device for single-user
  • Switch device for single-user
  • Compatible with all leading PBX/KTS systems
  • Includes Atlas 1-Year Warranty with Extended Warranty options available!

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