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Cisco SPA112 2-Port Phone Adapter (SPA112)

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Cisco SPA112 2-Port Phone Adapter

The Cisco SPA112 2-Port Phone Adapter enables analog phones to utilize the benefits of high quality voice over IP (VoIP). This easy-to-install Phone Adapter connects analog phones and fax machines to a VoIP service provider over an IP network, enabling use of the phones over internet without sacrificing voice quality or phone/fax features. With its compact and streamlined design, this 2-port adapter is great for any residential, home-office, and small-business-VoIP service offerings.


  • High quality voice/fax provided over internet
  • Uses advanced voice QoS capabilities and the voice SIP stack
  • Supports reliable faxing and voice/data use simultaneously
  • Includes two standard telephone ports for use with analog fax or phones
  • Compatible with all industry voice and data standards
  • Compatible with common features such as Caller ID, Call Waiting, and Voicemail
  • Supports two independent phone numbers on its two lines
  • Includes Atlas 1-Year Warranty with Extended Warranty options available!

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