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Plantronics Vista M22 Headset Amplifier (43596-40)

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Plantronics M22 Vista Universal Amplifier (43596-40)

The Plantronics M22 Amplifier will provide users with detailed levels of listening comfort and near-universal compatibility with single and multi-line telephones. The M22 comes equipped with technology to improve call quality in all environments, hearing protection and audio performance.


  • Plugs into your telephone's handset port
  • Connects directly to any Plantronics H-Series headset
  • Adjusts strong and weak calls to a comfortable level
  • Reduces background noise heard by your caller
  • Headset/handset selector
  • Receive and transmit volume control
  • Supports the enhanced audio from the latest wideband VoIP phones


  • The M22 Universal Modular Base Amplifier adds manual headset operation (handset is lifted off-hook to activate headset) to the following telephone models:
  • Partner MLS, Eurostyle, and Eurstyle Series 2
  • Merlin Classic 7300 and BIS
  • Merlin Legend MLX
  • Merlin Magix 4400
  • Definity 6400, 7400, 8400, and 8500
  • 6200, 7100, 8100 Single Line
  • 4600 IP Series 1
  • The M22 Universal Modular Base Amplifier can also add one-touch headset operation. This feature can be programmed on the following telephone models:
  • Merlin Legend MLX
  • Merlin Magix 4400
  • Definity 6400
  • 4600 IP Series 1

Package Includes

  • Headset Amplifier

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