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Plantronics APP-51 Electronic Hook Switch (38439-11)

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APP-51 Electronic Hook Switch

This EHS cable will allow users to answer and end calls on their wireless headset without the use of a handset lifter.

The APP-51 is compatible with Plantronics CS500 and Savi 700 series headsets. This cable will connect these headsets to many Polycom phone models from the Soundpoint and VVX series (see models below)


  • Provides remote one-touch answer/end call control for your wireless headset
  • Includes connector for the online indicator light
  • Eliminatesthe need for the HL-10 handset lifter


  • Soundpoint Series: 320/321, 330/331, 335, 430, 450, 550, 560, 650, 670 (running SIP software 3.0 or later)
  • VVX Series:
    • Polycom VVX 101/201
    • Polycom VVX 300/301, 310/311, 400/401, 410/411 (running UC software 4.1.4 or later)
    • Polycom VVX 500/501 (running UC software 4.0.1 or later)
    • Polycom VVX 600/601 (running UC software 4.1.2 or later)
    • Polycom VVX 1500 (running UC software 3.0 or later)

Special Headset Programming for Polycom Phones:

Most Polycom phones will need the headset port activated for EHS use, giving you remote answer/hangup capabilities.

1) Make sure the EHS cable isNOT plugged into your Polycom phone

2) From your phone select: Menu-> Settings-> Basic-> Preferences->Headset-> Analog Headset Mode or Electronic Hook Switch Mode

3) Scroll Down to Plantronics Mode, and then press Select. - Press Menu to return to the idle display

4) Now that the port is activated, you may plug the EHS cable into your phone and headset base.

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