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Nortel BCM 50 R6.0 Main Unit

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Nortel BCM 50 R6.0 Main Unit (NT9T6506BBNA)

The BCM50 R6.0 Main Unit will provide users with the functions of call processing and simple data networking. This BCM50 Main Unit comes equipped with the full set of standard and advanced IP telephony features that will reach the varied requirements of any business.


  • This BCM50 Base Unit is capable of but DOES NOT INCLUDE:
    • 4 analog trunks
    • 12 digital stations
    • 4 analog stations
    • 32 IP stations
    • 12 IP trunks
    • 4 connections for auxiliary equipment - auxiliary ringer, page relay, page output, and a music source
    • 2 expansion units can be added to allow for an addition of one media bay module each
  • Provides 10 voicemail ports with 0 initial mailboxes - activation through keycodes (up to 1000) w/100 hours of storage
  • Provides four LAN ports - one is the OAM port for technicians, the other three are for basic LAN connectivity

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