Avaya S8400 Media Server

Avaya Definity TN8412AP S8400 SIPI Circuit Pack (700332430)

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Avaya TN8412AP 84000


  • The Avaya TN8412AP S8400 server IP interface is used in an S8400 system.
  • Provides transport of control messages between the S8400 Media Server and the media server's port network
  • Resides in the tone clock slot on a media gateway
  • The SIPI provides the following functions * PN clock generation and synchronization for Stratum 4 type II only * PN tone generation * PN tone detection, global call classification, and international protocols * Environmental maintenance
  • One Year Warranty


  • Supported in the G600, G650, CMC1, SCC1, and MCC1
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