Avaya G-Series Media Modules (G350, G430, G450 & G700)

Avaya MM710B T1/E1 Media Module (700466634,700439250)

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Avaya MM710B T1/E1 Media Module (700466634)

The Avaya MM710B T1/E1 Media Module disables a T1 or an E1 connection to private enterprise network trunks or to trunks on the public network.


  • Channel Service Unit built-in
  • Software-selectable T1 or E1 operation
  • Echo cancellation support
  • D4, ESF, or CEPT framing
  • 23 B-channel and 1 D-channel or 30 b-channel and 1 D-channel
  • AMI, ZCS, B8ZS (T1) or HDB3 (E1) line codeing
  • Fractional T1 support
  • Includes Atlas 1-Year Warranty with Extended Warranty options available!


  • G350, G450, and G700 Media Gateways

Gray vs. White Faceplate

There is no functional difference between the gray and white faceplate MM711 Media Module. The white faceplate version is simply an earlier revision of the board whose color matched the earlier media gateways. Both units function in the same capacity.

Package Includes

  • Avaya MM710B T1/E1 Media Module

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