Avaya/Definity Circuit Packs TN771 - TN802

Avaya Definity TN786B Processor (TN786B)

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Avaya Definity TN786B Processor (TN786B)

The Avaya Definity TN786B Processor manages and executes stored programs for the Definity G3 system, enabling it to perform call processing and maintenance. The TN786B self-monitors and reports processor failures while controlling circuit pack conditions.


  • Includes one 80386SX, 16MHz Intel processor with 7Mb Flash ROM, 4Mb DRAM, and an interface to the MBUS
  • Self-monitors and reports on failures
  • Able to release or reset processor on duplicated systems
  • Monitors and controls cabinet level power supplies
  • Manages alarm panel LEDS for system status
  • One year warranty included, with extended warranties available!

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